Algomad 2016 – BIM, Computation & Reality

Workshop and Conference on digital advanced methods in AEC design and management

IE School of Architecture and Design
IE University Madrid
3-5 November 2016



The emergence of BIM in the construction sector has meant not only a change of tool or methodology it is a real opportunity to turn the way we envision, build and occupy our buildings and infrastructures into a more digital process. BIM is making available to designers and managers authentic databases that can be generated, connected and edited parametrically. Algomad aims to spread the use of programming and parameterization in the design and operation of our built environment by promoting the use of new tools and the creation of a community  composed by students, researchers and professionals.

Algomad 2016 is structured around three main areas:

  • BIM, as the ultimate information framework for the construction sector.
  • Computation, encompassing application development and parameterization for building and infrastructure design.
  • Reality, as a canvas, always seeking to solve real problems through the above two points.

Algomad is an independent event with a strong technical training focus. It is promoted by a group of professionals and academics, organized and backed by Modelical, an engineering consulting firm and supported by IE University, the hosting institution.

Target Audience

Architects, building technologists, engineers and academics in general, final year students and professionals in the real estate and construction world who share a common interest in making a the AEC a little more digital.


Algomad seeks critical and rigorous work with technological tools in a way applied to reality. For that reason, the workshops will have an open structure in which participants will solve open problems while guided by the instructors. The workshops have been thought for learning in a collaborative way the applications of computational and BIM techniques to real workflows and problems across several areas. Workshops run for two and a half days and each participant must select one. The default language of the workshops will be Spanish, however English-speaking participants are welcome as all the tutors will be able to speak both languages.

  • Workshop 1 – Envelopes
  • To explore the combination of BIM and parametrics to envision, refine and detail complex facades and roofs.
  • Workshop 2 – Bridges
  • BIM methodologies are struggling to deliver in the geometrical and structural requirements of bridges and viaducts. Adopting a more parametric approach will help solve the issue of integrating form, structure and economics.
  • Workshop 3 – Systems
  • Combining BIM with computational techniques makes possible to automate much of the process design, control, coordination and documentation of systems, paying attention to the whole picture, from requirements to cost.
  • Workshop 4 – Spaces
  • What are the possibilities when we merge new technologies, internet and building models?, what opportunities appear for companies who understand the digital counterpart of their spaces?

Additional and tool-specific training will be available to all participants on November 2, right before the beginning of the workshops. The training will be provided by Modelical at a separate location.



An evening of conferences is planned for the last day of Algomad. Together with presenting the results of each workshop, specialists and researchers will share their work on computational BIM:

  • Miguel Vidal, Architect. Foster and Partners. London.
  • Carlos de la Barrera, Architect, computational design. HOK. London
  • Juan Cañada, Head of Maxwell Render, Next Limit Technologies. Madrid
  • Fernando Ruiz, Architect, computational design. ARUP Associates. London
  • Javier Casado, BIM Manager, AECOM. Madrid
  • Juan José Martí, Structural Engineer, ALE Heavy-Lift
  • José María Ortolano, Structural Engineer, Fhecor. Madrid
  • Daniel del Pozo Salinas, Architect, TerceroB. Madrid
  • Pablo Delgado Ramírez, Architect, Fenwick Iribarren Arquitectos. Madrid
  • Miguel Ángel Soler Ruíz, Architect, Fenwick Iribarren Arquitectos. Madrid
  • Miguel Ángel Núñez Díaz, Architect, ENAR. Madrid
  • Ana Gallego Fernández, Architect, ENAR. Madrid

Contact and Registration

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