Algomad 2020 – BIM Data in English

Algomad 2020

BIM Data

Capture > Processing > Interoperability > Visualization

Conference and workshop on design technologies and computation in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

March 26-28th, 2020
IE School of Architecture & Design
Pinar 18, 28006 Madrid

The arrival of BIM in the AEC sector has meant not only a change of tool or methodology, but also the opening of a door to the true digitalization of the design, construction and understanding of our environment.

BIM is providing designers and managers with the access to true databases that can be generated, connected and edited in a parametric way, adding a solid layer of reality to the generative design and computing exercises that are the object of study in Algomad, the seminar that seeks to spread the word of programming and parameterization in the design and construction of our built environment.

After a break, Algomad returns in 2020 with the aim of showing that our entire environment is made of data. This data has a life cycle that starts with the capture, then is filtered and sorted with the processing, then is exchanged between platforms and ultimately understood with its visualization. 

Algomad intends to provide a computational vision to the management of this data, using it as an opportunity to improve the way engineers, architects, contractors and operators work, building a bridge between the most advanced digital design techniques and the reality of our sector.

Algomad 2020 will be held in Madrid downtown, at IE School of Architecture and Design, IE University, on March 26th, 27th and 28th, 2020 and will include 4 workshops with predefined topics as well as presentations by top level experts.

Algomad 2020 Structure

Algomad 2020 will have 4 monographic workshops, each composed of 3 half-day thematic sessions. Afterwards, there will be groups made up of participants from each of the workshops to do a joint practice that will bring together the knowledge from all the workshops. This hands-on sessions will be guided by all the workshop champions and will last another 2 half-days. The program will be completed with conferences distributed between the end of each day and an important block in the afternoon of Saturday 28th.

Workshop topics

Following the Algomad 2020 ethos, the workshops will be related to the use of data:

1. Capture, you will learn how to obtain data from our environment, both geometric and other types. 
2. Processing, the data has to be cleaned, filtered and evaluated in order to obtain knowledge from it.
3. Interoperability, in many occasions we have to translate the data between the different platforms involved in our workflows. 
4. Visualization, you will try different ways of displaying the data to make them more understandable and attractive to others.

Target audience

Architects, engineers, academics, students in their final years and professionals from the real estate and construction world who share an interest in the digitalization of our sector.
A minimum level of BIM and parametric tools is expected. Algomad will provide additional free training in the basic tools to be used in the workshops to ensure proper attendee performance.