Algomad 2013 – Focus on Sagrada Familia

Algomad 2013 – Focus on Sagrada Familia will take place from 3rd to 6th July in ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering and will have as background the design, fabrication and construction work developed by using parametric and computational methods in Sagrada Familia.

Algomad 2013 will deal with geometric, structural and fabrication problems which are analyzed in a parametric and generative manner in Sagrada Familia. These problems will be taken as the basis to teach the digital design methods who are the actual core of the seminar.

The temple’s technical team has passionately engaged in the Algomad 2013’s organization and will serve as support and guide during the workshops. Sagrada Familia will be opened to the Algomad’s attendees in order to let them to see closely the design and construction work developed in the temple by means of guided visits. Furthermore, the workshops will take place at the amazing Elisava’s facilities in Las Ramblas.


Algomad attempts to be a deliberately instrumental seminar. So to say, Algomad doesn’t try to speculate with the tool’s usage, but tutor its performance and possible applications in the Architecture, Engineering and Desing fields. Itsprogram includes workshops and conferences.

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Besides being the main object of study, Fundación Sagrada Familia will allow the access to the temple to the attendees to the seminar and will provide support through its staff, who will actively take part in the workshops and lectures. They will also accompany the participants in the guided visits to the temple, construction area and technical departments.


ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

Founded in 1961, ELISAVA is the first School of Design to open in Spain, thus becoming the first to offer a design-specific curriculum.

ELISAVA, which is affiliated to Pompeu Fabra University, has over 2,000 students from around. The School offers official courses as the Degree in Design (pathways: Graphic Communication, Product Design, Space Design and Overall Design), the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design (pathways: Product Designer, Product Engineer and Product Manager) and also the Official Master’s Degree in Design and Communication. The Master’s and Postgraduate Degrees offer are related to the areas of Graphic Design and Communication, Fashion Design, Product Design, Space Design and Architecture and Design, Strategy and Management.

Fifty years with a multi-disciplinary academic and research approach, strongly geared to the professional world and promoting close collaboration with companies, institutions and universities around the world. A history of pioneering in teaching design and engineering, which continues to help in the training of outstanding professionals. ELISAVA is located in a modern building, at the heart of Barcelona: La Rambla.


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